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ISBN: 1595231137   EAN: 9781595231130
Publisher: Sentinel     
US SRP: $27.95 US 
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Date: January 13, 2015
Copyright Date: 2015
Annotation: "For generations, the belief that if you work hard you can offer your children a better life has been known as the American Dream. That dream is on life support today, and not just because of the economic downturn and bad leadership from Washington. America has undergone an economic transformation that our schools, our workers, and too many of our families are unequipped for. But our leaders in Washington have broken their promise to lead us together into this new era. Their response has been to double down on stale, government-centered solutions, minimum wage hikes, and redistributive health care mandates that re-slice a shrinking economic pie instead of growing it for everyone. All while free enterprise is demonized and work is discouraged. Now Senator Rubio shares the stories of real people who are fighting to educate their children, protect their families, climb the economic ladder, save for retirement, and achieve their own American dreams. He challenges us to replace our failing 20th century institutions with a new agenda based on choice, innovation and local control"--Provided by publisher.