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STAR WARS: Vision of the Future (Book 2)

$7.99 $5.99
Star Wars: Hand of Thrawn (Paperback) #02 

Contributor(s): Zahn, Timothy (Author)  

ISBN: 0553578790   EAN: 9780553578799
Publisher: Spectra Books     
US SRP: $7.99 US 
Binding: Mass Market Paperbound
Pub Date: September 01, 1999
Copyright Date: 1998
Annotation: The explosive sequel to "Specter of the Past." As the threat of the gathering Imperial Moffs grows, the fledgling New Republic struggles to consolidate its power. Han, Luke and Leia must prevent the genocidal war being prepared against the Bothans. Meanwhile, the cunning Major Tierce has perpetrated a grand deception--the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn from the dead.