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Treasure Hunters by James Patterson - boxed set

$43.99 $32.99
ISBN: 0316261467   EAN: 9780316261463
Publisher: Jimmy Patterson     
US SRP: $43.99 US 
Binding: Boxed Set
Pub Date: October 13, 2015
Copyright Date: 2015
Publisher Marketing: In this gift set, the first three books in the bestselling adventure/comedy series takes readers around the world!
As the Kidd family travels the globe--braving encounters with pirates, shady art dealers, dangerous wild animals and scheming double-agents--can they follow clues to some of the greatest treasures in history, "and" save their lost parents? This boxed set contains paper-over-board editions of "Treasure Hunters, Danger Down the Nile," and "Secret of the Forbidden City."