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Treasures of Summerville

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ISBN: 1498481213   EAN: 9781498481212
Publisher: Xulon Press    
US SRP: $23.49 US 
Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: September 19, 2016
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Publisher Marketing: The Treasures of Summerville by Perry T. Montague is a Christian fiction family story about a treasure hunt that reveals more than the Taylor family bargained for. Historic coins show up in the small town and bring back an old legend about hidden gold from a robbery. This launches a new thrilling mystery. The treasure hunt is a coming of age for the children. Full of history and suspense, the story follows the lives of the Taylor family through death, marriage, and reunion. Family-friendly and appropriate for everyone, the story shows God's presence in our lives even when we don't know He is there. It shows God's love, God's protection, and God's path for us. Perfectly suited for Christian book groups or Christian book studies, it sets an important example of honesty, acceptance, courage, faith, and kindness. It is an exciting story and good family fun.